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Property Management Services

Whether you own a single building or have multiple real estate investments, you can benefit from the help of an experienced property manager. As an established property management services firm in Melbourne, Brevard Property Management & Realty Group’s goal is to keep every building we oversee running smoothly.

We offer property management services in:

  • Condo Property Management
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Management
  • Residential Property Management


By working with our firm, you’ll receive the benefit of:

  • A dedicated property manager to oversee your investment
  • Competitive property management fees
  • Superior customer service


Managing a building takes a great deal of work. From filling vacancies to collecting rent to keeping up with maintenance and repairs, it takes tremendous attention to detail to make sure that no steps are skipped along the way. We alleviate the burden of keeping tabs on these and other important steps with our exceptional property management services.

Our comprehensive property management services include:


  • Attend to daily telephone, email and fax inquiries

  • Write and place advertising in various media

  • Handle tenant complaints and issues, maintenance requests and emergencies

  • Lease enforcement with tenants

  • Hand deliveries of notices to tenants as necessary

  • Attend to correspondence

  • Copying/scanning of invoices

  • Initiate legal actions for non-performance and notify tenant of lease violations

  • File evictions “if” necessary

  • Attend court evictions “if” necessary

  • Liaison with homeowner or condo association, if necessary

  • Lodge security deposit claims (when necessary) in accordance with the Florida Landlord Tenant Laws, F.S. 83.

  • Liaison with and assist other sales/rental brokerage firms

  • Maintain a professional office with the latest in technology and property management tools in our industry

  • Constant ongoing training and cutting edge knowledge of our industry


  • Timely rent collection and disbursement

  • Conduct annual rent reviews

  • Prepare annual year end income/expense statements & IRS 1099 forms

  • Administer rent through the trust account

  • Direct Deposit of rent proceeds to your account

  • Attend to payment of various property expenses

  • Collection of late rent through various legal means

  • Process notices to vacate or to renew a lease term

  • Liaison with insurance companies when authorized

  • Conduct move-in/move-out walk-thru


  • Organize for viewings, inspections and repair vendors

  • Organize maintenance repairs and quotes

  • Prepare calendar monthly statements for property owners and collate supporting information for the owner’s statement

  • Organize utilities to be turned on and off when required

  • Regular follow-up with maintenance contractors

  • Periodic visual inspections of the property to ensure lease compliance

  • Maintain a staff of highly skilled and trained professional property managers who answer the phones to conduct business during normal business hours

Learn More About Our Property Management Services:

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Property management helps preserve value and generate income. Read more about how to keep your properties safe in the July 2016 issue of SpaceCoast Living.